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Trance-Energy Radio is a worldwide station. Through the power of the internet and the love of music, they have brought over 90 DJs together to share the best trance music and build a community they call an online home. Using Sourcefabric’s Airtime to power the station, the radio automation software becomes an important tool for scheduling broadcasts and managing multiple DJ shows.

Trance-Energy Radio has been running officially for six months, after an initial test of two months. In the first two months we tested the servers and we used SAM Broadcast. After that we took a short break to test more servers and make sure that we could provide high quality sound and stability. Read More

What Our #Family Say.

  • Trance-Energy is the exciting and emerging Trance radio network. Trance Energy is the radio network which support new and underground djs, producers and artist and consider them as a family. It provides 24/7 pure trance to the listeners. Feeling proud to be part of this growing trance family.

  • Trance-Energy is the radio network of the Gods, providing listeners with peaks and feels 24/7

    Tony HammerFuaaark Peakin Tracks
  • Trance Energy Radio was the Breakthrough Trance Radio of 2013, the numbers speak for themselves. A Radio that focused on Rising Stars and and together they grow... Unity is the word! If you take a closer look at TE Radio you will know that they are not just a Radio, but a Family! It's been a pleasure collaborating with Them!

    João DiasPortugal Trance Community & Music Uptades

Recent Releases.

As you all know already, Trance-Energy Radio support the best trance music world wide. Every week we’ll support 3 new track from Djs all over the world. Here are this week’s tracks. Feel free to listen, share and to grab your copy from official webstores.



Red Zone Recordings, Recent releasesTrance
Anthem of Apophis

Anthem of Apophis

Recent releases, FSOS RecordsTrance
Steve Raw & The Pulsarix – Falling (Original Mix)

Steve Raw & The Pulsarix – Falling (Original Mix)

Recent releases, Trance All-Stars RecordsTrance

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